Gardaí Shut Down Palestine Protesters in Big Way

Most of us have been stirred by the ferocity of violence we’ve had beamed into our living rooms from Gaza and the West Bank over the past few weeks.

Amid international outcry, a group of concerned Tyrone supporters have used their game against Monaghan in Omagh, and today’s clash with Meath in Navan, to show solidarity with the stricken Palestinians.

In what were extremely unfortunate scenes today, a bearer of a Palestinian flag at Pairc Tailteann was handcuffed and dragged away from a GAA terrace by four members of An Garda Síochána.

Check out the video at the following link

Heavy handed to say the least.

Reports suggest that the same group were asked by Ulster Council officials at Healy Park on May 20th to lower their flags, but flatly declined.

Ulster GAA confirmed later the next week that no flag other than “the official (GAA) flag, national flag and team colours” are permitted into GAA grounds.

Evidence from today suggests the powers that be at Croke Park aren’t going to stand idly by on this issue.

Despite this, multiple Palestinian flags were seen throughout today’s game and two patrons entered the field of play at the end of the game, each displaying the flag.

In what was an enthralling encounter, Tyrone put a spirited Meath side away in extra-time. Further controversy came at the end of the game, as Gardaí were on hand again, this time to escort referee Paddy Nielan from the field of play, amidst angry scenes from home players, support and management.

Not our proudest day lads @ GAA! 😕

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